Hospital Tour


Welcome to our hospital tour! This slideshow will give you a behind the scenes look at the facilities and equipment of Far Hills Animal Clinic! If you have any questions or would like a live tour, please call the clinic and speak with one of our staff members!

The tour will advance automatically, or you can mouse over the slide to pause it or advance/rewind. If the slideshow doesn’t appear correctly (it may take a short while to load the images), you may need to turn on Compatibility View (IE) or pause plugins that block javascript/jQuery, such as AdBlock.

 The entrance to Far Hills Animal Clinic and the start of your virtual tour!  The receptionists of Far Hills Animal Clinic will be happy to assist you in finding answers to any questions you may have as well as transferring patient records, scheduling appointments and providing you with helpful reminders of your pet's upcoming vaccine and wellness care appointments.  The comfortable lobby of Far Hills Animal Clinic provides a quiet place for you and your pet to relax before your appointment. And who knows, your pets next play date could be lounging right across the room!  Dr. Emily's exam room is a joyful hodgepodge of knick knacks and keepsakes which she has collected over her 20+ years of veterinary service. Dr. Emily provides the clinic with compassionate veterinary care and seasoned surgical expertise.  All of our doctors undergo yearly training and development programs in order to provide your pet with the latest in veterinary care.  Dr. Adam's exam room is always tidy, and you (or your pet) are welcome to leave your mark on his white board.  The treatment room of our full service hospital contains blood analyzer equipment, a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine and dental and oral health equipment.  Here Dr. Adam is exploring the abdominal cavity of Cirrus, one of our clinic cats, using a noninvasive ultrasound machine. Dr. Adam's ultrasonography skills are invaluable when trying to find the cause for many of our patients' illnesses.  Here one of our Veterinary Technicians is completing a dental cleaning of Bridget, a white Poodle mix, using an ultrasonic scaler. Additional dental tartar is removed using hand scalers and curettes followed by a tooth polish. Tooth brushing is recommended for all dogs and cats in addition to regular dental cleanings under general anesthesia.  Our pharmacy is always stocked with the medications your pet may need. And we have great relationships with local and compounding pharmacies in the event that your special friend needs special medications!  Our modern surgical suite is furnished with excellent anesthesia and monitoring equipment, helping us provide the very best surgical care for your pet. Our doctors and support staff receive the latest training in veterinary anesthesia and surgery techniques. Whether your pet needs a routine spay or neuter or an advanced orthopedic repair for cruciate ligament rupture, the staff at Far Hills Animal Clinic is ready with compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary care.  Just outside of the surgery suite is our quiet and comfortable surgery recovery room, where your pet will be monitored closely while recuperating from their anesthesia.  Our digital radiography machine provides our doctors with high-quality x-ray images that help them diagnose and treat many diseases, from a broken leg to ingestion of a barbie doll.  Digital x-rays allow the veterinarians at Far Hills Animal Clinic to immediately evaluate an x-ray after it has been taken, without having to wait for prolonged processing, and the images can be sent quickly to anywhere via email.  Nick, a Far Hills Veterinary Assistant, is helping Dr. Jess take a digital x-ray of Owen, an English Springer Spaniel. These images provide high quality digital information for exploring the extent of a traumatic injury or finding an internal gastrointestinal issue.  The Far Hills Clinic boarding facility provides a clean, comfortable home-away-from-home for your pet when you are away. Our caring kennel staff is dedicated to providing your pet with love and attention and you can rest easy knowing that your pet will always be only a few feet away from our knowledgeable veterinary staff.  The boarding facility provides our patients with a fenced-in play area where they can frolic and run while enjoying the fresh Ohio air.  Far Hills Animal Clinic keeps in stock many high quality veterinary prescription diets including Iams, Royal Canin and Hill's Science Diet, which can aid in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, urinary tract issues or gastrointestinal disease.